Instructions for use of tea twisting machine

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Instructions for use of tea twisting machine

I. Overview of function and principle

The principle is to use the crank linkage mechanism to drive the kneading barrel on the kneading plate for plane circular movement of the kneading barrel cover, kneading plate

The combined action of the kneading barrel cover, kneading disc and prongs makes the leaves curl, thus completing the twisting process. This pick-up method and the traditional hand sowing

The effect of twisting is the same, and it can complete the twisting operation of various kinds of tea strips.

II. the process of kneading machine

The tea leaves are loaded quantitatively into the kneading barrel after the tea fixation progress, and the barrel is rotated horizontally in the kneading plate.

The tea leaves in the barrel are kneaded into strips by the pressure of the kneading cover, the reaction force of the kneading plate, the kneading force of the prongs and the side pressure of the barrel.

Some of the leaf cells are broken and the tea juice is spilled to achieve the purpose of kneading. The degree of kneading depends on your requirements and actual situation

It is controlled by controlling the running time of the machine.

III. Structure composition and overview

This machine is composed of several main parts, such as gear reducer, kneading disc, curved arm, kneading barrel, motor and machine structure.

(1) gearbox: through this part to control the speed.

(2) Kneading disc: the raised prongs can destroy the leaf cells to squeeze out the tea juice so that the tea leaves curl around the wall of the disc to prevent the tea leaves from falling.

(3) Kneading stab: hold the tea leaves and kneading plate for horizontal rotation. Inside there is a pressure good to make tea leaves and kneading plate close contact.

(4) motor: to provide power to the machine.

(5) frame: support all the parts with 45 steel welded and not easy to damage.

IV. the use and maintenance

(1)Check and ensure that there is no foreign matter inside the kneading barrel before feeding.

(2) Check the amount of mechanical oil in the gear box, insufficient to add No. 10 mechanical oil to the box.

(3) Check whether the bolts, screws and pins of each connection part are tight.

(4) Pull the belt by hand to see if there is a card main or abnormal phenomenon, and confirm that it is normal to test run the machine empty.

(5) preparation work, open the pressurized cover to close the warehouse door to knead the barrel into the appropriate amount of killed leaves.

(6)Use the top cover to gently squeeze in the greening leaves and then twist the screw on the pressure bar. The pressure bar should not be pressed too tightly, otherwise the machine will not start smoothly.

(7) equipment shutdown, long-term non-use, should manually clean the surface of the rotating parts of the debris, and the transmission system, speed reducer, etc. with appropriate lubrication.

reducer and other appropriate lubricant, and then the equipment will be properly packaged and sealed.

(8) To ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life of the machine must be regularly maintained.

V. Precautions

(1) Before using the machine, please check whether the power lines are damaged or not, please unplug the power when not in use.

(2) The machine will produce a lot of tea juice during operation at home if not installed with a leakage protector, please first install a leakage protector to prevent accidents.

(3) the machine is running when the child is strictly close to the curved arm operation risk of hand pinching.

(4) The reducer is a fragile device should not be used continuously for too long, please let the machine rest properly.

(5)Before using the machine, please confirm whether the reducer has been oiled, which is essential for the life of the reduce

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