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Company NameXiamen Tingsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. 
Registration AddressUnit 431A, 4/F, building C, Xiamen international shipping center, 93 Xiangyu Road, Xiamen area, China (Fujian) pilot Free Trade Zone.
Capital5 Million CNY
RepresentativeWaylin Lam
Business Content

China Goods Supply &Product search,

Transaction support,

Finding a reliable supplier,

Customs clearance,

Product certification.

General Manager 's Words:

"My priority is to provide with China goods for my clients need in order to achieve the financial success and perfect application they deserve from overseas market . 

I am a professional export & Import Trader who makes global purchase simple from high quality factories in China, straightforward and most importantly, Quality Guaranteed and After-sevices.
Get in touch with me for more information and to discuss your trading goals, budgets." --Mr.Waylin Lam


Product search
Search for that very product or selection by characteristics.
You can provide only a photo and say the quantity, after making an initial analysis, we will clarify the most important characteristics and give the best options for buying.

Transaction support
We are with you at all stages: from selection to handing over the goods to you.
Some stages will not even concern you, such as: cargo packing, transportation in China, customs declaration.

Finding a reliable supplier
Selection of the most favorable conditions for you. Departure, preparation of photo and video reports of the factory is possible. Support at all cycles of the transaction.

Customs clearance
There are a lot of important and difficult to understand events with your cargo, but for you, this is indicated by one simple word: customs clearance.

Product certification
We can offer you certification of your product quickly and inexpensively.
You will only need to mention this in a conversation with our managers and we will include certification in the price.

Working with us, you will forget about the problems of delivery of goods.
Comprehensive service
By contacting us, you will receive all the information on how we will cooperate and after placing your order, you will only have to take a call from us about the delivery of the goods.
We fix the cost under the contract
To consolidate our relationship, we will conclude a delivery contract with you and fix all the most important points there.


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