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This "killing" is not the "killing"-equipment

The "killing" in the crew represents the end, while the killing(Tea de-enzyme or Tea cylinder water-removin) in the tea is only the beginning of the high temperature. This issue will be a detailed list of the various types Tea de-enzyme equipment.

Nowadays, the Tea de-enzyme machine or Tea cylinder water-removine quipment and their characteristics are mainly divided into the following categories.

1, pot type  - single pot type, double pot type, three pots continuous type

Features: Using resistance wire to heat the pot to raise the leaf temperature and achieve the effect Tea de-enzyme or Tea cylinder water-removine. Suitable for famous tea or small batch of hand-made tea, because it can not be continuous, a large number of operations and gradually replaced.

2、Drum type - combustion heating type, electric heating type, electromagnetic heating type

Features: Using high-temperature drum to heat transfer the fresh tea leaves, so that the surface of the leaves can be warmed up rapidly, and the spiral leaf guide inside the drum makes the green leaves move towards the exit of the drum until the leaves come out. It is less labor-intensive, more efficient and can be operated continuously. Among them, electromagnetic heating type drum Tea de-enzyme is widely used because of high efficiency and energy saving, accurate temperature control. Generally use 60 type or 80 type drum, too small cylinder diameter tea leaves can not be killed through or uneven.

3、Steam  Tea de-enzyme machine

Features: High temperature steam directly contacts with fresh leaves, which can make its leaf temperature rise rapidly and complete the Tea de-enzyme process within half a minute, the green tea products obtained have bright green color, fresh aroma and reduced bitterness and astringency, but the water content of the killed leaves is high, which is not conducive to the subsequent twisting process.

4、Microwave Tea de-enzyme machine

Features: High-frequency microwave penetrates tea leaves, so that the water molecules inside the tea leaves collide at high speed and generate a large amount of friction heat, which rapidly raises the temperature of tea leaves, with a high degree of automation.

No matter what type of Tea de-enzyme machine or Tea cylinder water-removin equipments, the following technical parameters should be mastered.

1、Tea de-enzyme temperature: the required leaf temperature is greater than 80℃ (the critical point of enzyme denaturation temperature), and the pot temperature is roughly between 160-360℃, depending on the pot type, the amount of leaf throwing and the tenderness of fresh leaves.

2、Tea de-enzyme time: according to the de-enzyme temperature, the amount of leaf feeding and the quality of fresh leaves, and timely release from the pot when the moderate index is reached.

3、The amount of leaf throwing: depends on the pot temperature, the moisture content of the leaves and the old and tender condition. Low temperature and tender leaves can be put in less, high temperature and old leaves can be put in more. When doing tea steam de-enzyme, pay attention to the tea leaf thickness can be controlled at about 1cm, so as not to kill the leaves smothered yellow, produce water boring taste.

At present, the most popular Tea de-enzyme machine or named Tea cylinder water-removin equipment on the market are as follows.

Nomination 1: 6CST type high-efficiency radiation type hot air Tea de-enzyme machine


Reasons for making the list

Main parameters (80 type)

Drum diameter×length (mm): 800×5000

Drum speed (r/min): 10-50

Hourly output (kg/h): 250-300

Overall dimension (mm): length×width×height 6100×1320×2100

Performance characteristics: Adopt the industry's latest type of biological pellet high temperature generator, design waste heat recovery device, biological pellet energy consumption of 50-65kg/h, the output air temperature can reach 450 ℃, to ensure that the required temperature of greening. The green color of the killed leaves, no scorched edge, burst point, to ensure the integrity of the leaves.

Nomination 2: 6CST type-electromagnetic drum Tea de-enzyme machine


Reason for making the list

Main parameters (80 type)

Drum diameter×length (mm): 800×4550

Drum speed (r/min): 16-30

Hourly output (kg/h): 250-300

Overall dimension (mm): length × width × height 5280 × 1700 × 2100

Performance characteristics: Adopting intelligent digital control technology, with PC+PLC or TPC+PLC as the core control unit, it can realize the digital control of the whole set of greening system, through the optimal combination and precise control of parameters such as fresh leaf flow, segmented cylinder wall temperature, drum speed, inclination angle, hot air temperature and flow and moisture discharge air volume, it not only ensures rapid and complete enzyme extinction, but also prevents greening leaf coking and promotes the conversion of the inner substances. It can achieve the requirements of fresh and tender green color, fresh fragrance and stable quality of the killed leaves, and it can adapt to a wider range of fresh leaf materials.

Nomination 3: 6CSFT type far-infrared hot air tea roller Tea de-enzyme machine


Reason for making the list

Main parameters (80 type)

Drum diameter×length (mm): 800×5000

Drum speed (r/min): 7-30

Hourly output (kg/h): 120-300

Overall dimension (mm): length×width×height 5810×1360×2235

Performance characteristics: Adopting far-infrared technology and high-temperature hot air mixed greening technology, with the characteristics of "tea stems killed through, leaves old but not scorched", specifically for the "high aroma" famous tea greening operation, especially suitable for Anji white tea, gold leaf, Huangshan Mao Feng and other tea types. Killing. The heating method can choose gas type or electric type.

Nomination 4: 6CSF type ultra-high temperature hot air tea roller Tea de-enzyme machine


Reason for making the list

Main parameters (80 type)

Drum diameter×length (mm): 800×4200

Drum speed (r/min): 6-32

Hourly output (kg/h):100-200

Overall dimension (mm): length×width×height 4939×1130×1980

Performance characteristics: Using ultra-high temperature hot air to transfer heat to the fresh leaves, so that the fresh leaves quickly warm up to achieve the role of blunting the active enzymes, killing the fast speed, there will be no burnt edge burst point and smoke coke smell, no water increase effect, fresh leaves after killing green color, fresh and tender, has been awarded the national invention patent and practical type patent. Heating method can choose gas type, electric heating type, granule type, wood and coal type, granule type.

Nomination 5:6CST-80Q tea superheated steam mixed heat energy Tea de-enzyme machine


Reason for making the list

Main parameters

(80 type)

Drum diameter×length (mm): 800×5000

Drum speed (r/min): 10-50

Hourly output (kg/h):210-300

Overall dimension (mm): length×width×height 4900×1320×2100

Performance characteristics: Using superheated steam far-infrared radiation and strong penetrating power, with high temperature hot air and hot roller kettle frying, the tea fresh leaves will be killed quickly and evenly, no scorched edge, burst point generation, while reducing the production of yellow flakes, good quality of green leaves, high efficiency of greening. Energy-saving effect is obvious: the same model of greening machine uses the same energy, processing unit quantity of tea fresh leaves, can save energy about 20%. The moisture content of the leaves and stems after greening is more evenly distributed, and the rewetting time is shorter, which is convenient for continuous processing.

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