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China has been a big country of tea drinking since ancient times. In Yuan Dynasty zaju, "chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea" is also called the seven things to wake up in the morning, which means that people can't leave these seven things no matter how poor or low they are. In the long history, tea has been combined with medicines, flowers and other items to develop a variety of forms. Therefore, even with the economic development, people have more choices for food, the demand for tea is still unabated, and most people are still used to making a cup of hot tea to show their importance when guests come on New Year's and holidays; urban white-collar workers prefer scented tea The posture and fragrance; people who have a need to regulate their bodies often choose a herbal tea for themselves...

Tea leaves are susceptible to environmental influences, such as mildew, dampness, etc., which make them inedible. Therefore, a variety of tea packaging has appeared in the market circulation process: triangular packaging, bag packaging, strips, small cans...Compared with the simple ones before Oil-paper packaging is circulated. The tea packaging has been further updated in terms of moisture-proof, odor-proof, and fresh-keeping functions. Behind this, the development of tea packaging machinery is indispensable.

Vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machine is a more common and commonly used equipment in packaging machinery. It can not only effectively isolate the oxygen in the packaging, but also has a certain protective effect on the food that needs to maintain its shape. Small cans of tea apply the "nitrogen-filled fresh-keeping technology" to the tea industry, and choose the "small aluminum cans" made of one can at a time as the packaging material. Under this double insurance, tea can completely isolate the damage from air, sunlight, moisture, external force and hand touch to tea, ensuring that good tea does not oxidize, smell, damp, or break, and can keep fresh for a longer time.

The teabag itself is produced to get rid of the tedious tea ceremony brewing process and taste the most traditional Chinese tea flavor in the simplest way. The teabag packaging machine highlights its importance in the increasingly busy life of modern people. significance. The original tea bag packaging machine was only suitable for cloth bags. After the tea filter paper was invented, heat-sealing and cold-sealing packaging machines appeared. The hanging ear rabbit tea filter bag is made of 100% PET, so that the sealing part of the tea bag packaging machine can be sealed with ultrasonic technology to seal the tea bag. The sealing is better and the tea bag production is more environmentally friendly and safe.

Of course, in the era of automation and intelligence, the tea packaging machine will not lag behind. The automatic tea packaging machine integrates automatic bag making and bagging. It does not need a tea detector and a swinger, and only needs a data line to connect the inner film machine and the packaging machine. That's it, greatly improving the working efficiency of the endometrial machine. Baisha Tea Industry has increased the popularity of tea products by building tea franchise stores, developing new products, and improving packaging from the original self-supporting packaging to eight-sided sealed bags, and equipped with reusable zippers to provide convenience to consumers. This has led to a shortage of products. , Employees need to work overtime to complete. Driven by the market, Baisha Tea Industry introduced 5 fully automatic tea packaging machines, one with the work efficiency of six employees, which greatly increased the speed of tea packaging, increased labor productivity, and met the demand of tea merchants. An urgent need.

Laser printers are also used for tea packaging. This equipment can print exclusive patterns on tea packaging boxes without the intervention of molds, which greatly saves customization costs. Beijing Kaitian Technology has introduced such a small laser printer. By adjusting the position of customized products, computer graphics, importing programs, laser printing, etc., customers can get exclusive tea packaging boxes in a few minutes, and they can The cost of a customized product is controlled within a few jiao to a few yuan.

The rapid development of tea packaging machinery has enabled tea packaging to appear in front of everyone in a diversified manner. For tea, which is gradually shrinking in people's lives, diversified packaging will become a weapon for attracting customers to stay, affecting the spread of tea culture. Therefore, tea packaging machinery still needs to continue to explore new areas of tea packaging to adapt to the changes and development of the tea market.

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