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Features and Specifications:

Intelligent tea leaf spreading and withering cabinet machine is a fresh leaf pre-treatment equipment with the functions of spreading, withering, slight shaking and preserving fresh leaves of multi-tea. The equipment uses a number of patented technologies to effectively solve the problems of scorched buds, withered edges, red changes and rapid water loss caused by the traditional tea fresh leaves in spreading and withering.

After nearly four years of customer feedbacks, the smart tea withering machine has reached the requirements of high-quality tea, and the control of some indicators exceeds the manual level, with stable performance, high automation, less labor, high digitalization, easy operation, small footprint, and suitable for a variety of tea processing.

Operation efficiency: 300 kgs/batch = 20 sets of the tea withering troughs (8 meters length *1.2 meters width), but its floor space is only one-seventh of 20 sets of the 8 meters length withering troughs, which improves the utilization rate of plant area.

1, green tea withering: fresh leaf weight loss rate of 20%, withering time of 4-6h.

2, black tea withering: fresh leaf weight loss rate of 35-40%, withering time of 8-10h

3, white tea withering: fresh leaf weight loss rate of 60%, withering time of 30-32h.

DimensionLength 6m*Width 4.6m*Height 3.1m

Length 5.5m*Width 2.4m*Height 3.1m

Work Voltage & Power

380V Three-phase,10kw,

Auxiliary heat power:12kw

380V Three-phase,8.8kw,

Auxiliary heat power:12kw

Spreading / Withering  Volume250-300kg100kg

Temperature Control Range



Humidity Control Range45%-85%45%-85%

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Related parameters

Fresh leaf sieving machineIt can adjust the thickness of the loading sieve according to the variety, leaf type, quality and grade of fresh leaves, so that the fresh leaves on the sieve surface can be spread evenly and reduce labor.

3.7m length*1m width*1.5m height,

Operating efficiency: 15 seconds / sieve, 2 people to load 200 sieve total time of about 1h.

Spreading Siever

Spreading fresh leaves.

 length 1.2m*width 0.8m

Vibrating greening frame

Place the siever, can be used for fresh leaves micro-shaking fresh leaves.




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